Brand new Parabolic Phi 2.0 gloss black in autococker threading.

The best just got a little bit better. After a year of having teams like the Portland Naughty Doggs and NorCal Pumpers Union, we have decided to make a minor reduction in porting which slightly increased velocity without compromising the dampened shot signature you have come to know from the Phi barrels. Improvements in boring technology at the manufacture was also utilized to improve the location and concentricity of the step bore cut to further increase efficiency and tighten the consistency beyond what we have seen in the past. We also decided add a little bit more weight to the back section for better handling while shooting streams. This extra weight towards the back allowed us the opportunity to add additional graphic cuts and art work to make this sexier than any model to come before it.

Each Phi 2.0 kit includes four 14 inch dual bored one piece barrels sized as follows.
Each kit will ship in the new carbon fiber styled semi soft barrel case and will be shipped USPS priority.